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Appearance:white powder to white crystal
Farmula: C38H60O18
CAS : 57817-89-7
Total glucoside content : ≡ 90%
Rebaudioside? A % ≡ 23%
Sweetness: ≡ 250
Specific rotation -30∼--38∼
Absorbency ≒0.05
Ash% ≒0.2
Moisture% ≒4
Heavy Metal% ≒0.001
Arsenic% ≒0.0001
Stevioside is extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana ㄛit is a high sweetness (sugar of 200 to 300 times), low-calorie (the energy is only 1 / 300 of the sugar),it is security, drug-free sweetener.Stevioside leaves originating in South America Of Paraguay and Brazil, the local people eat it but have no long-term carcinogenic effects,Stevioside through the FDA certification of the United States, Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other developed countries widespread application is a fine food and drug additives. The taste of Stevioside which depends primarily on the Effect of A3, because pure taste more like the taste of sucrose, the higher its sweetness is 300-400 times than the sweetness of sucrose.Stevioside sells well in Europe and the United States and Japan and other countries .Our company can provide stevia powder of 90%,95% and RebA40%,RebA80%,RebA90% ,RebA95%.


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